The Lithgow area has many reservoirs and rivers that offer the visiting angler plenty of options be it location or available species to target.

 All fishing in the Lithgow region requires a NSW fishing license. Please refer to the Department of Primary Industries for bag limits and specific fishing seasons – 

Lake Lyell

There is a kiosk and amenities, plus a serviceable boat ramp even during periods of low water. There is a boom gate fee to access these facilities.

Available species in Lake Lyell include rainbow trout, brown trout and Australian bass.  A varying population of crucian carp or large goldfish (not European carp) also exists. Due to its size and available facilities this dam is popular with boating anglers and their families. Bank-side fishing can also be accessed around most of the south western side of the dam and adjacent to the extensive bush camping area.

Methods of angling.

Trolling is ever popular and while towing a lure around will catch you fish, with some thought, better results should follow if you apply some of these other methods.

Leadcore line trolling is a great way to keep chosen lures down deep. This method is a year round method that produces great results.

Down rigging is becoming more popular as seasons go by and this method of being able to troll lures at exacting depths is fast proving to be the best trolling method in this dam at any given time of the year for these popular native sport fish. Similarly bank side casting also works well on these fish where these locations can be accessed by foot. A generally welcomed by-catch of both rainbow and brown trout is often experienced by anglers chasing bass with these methods.

Casting lures and setting baits for trout from the bank still gathers perhaps the greatest following for bank bound anglers in this dam. Lures that can be cast greater distances are popular, allowing the anglers to cover more water and greater depths in search of the fish.  Best bait for the local rainbow trout is Powerbait trout nuggets by Berkely. Live worms are also a popular bait, having an uncanny ability to entice the less common brown trout when fished close to or on the bottom. Bass are also very receptive to this live bait.

Fly fishing has strong patronage from both local and visiting anglers. The late evening and after dark fly fishing can be equal to any where on the Australian mainland.

Shore based winter polaroiding for cruising brown trout can be truly heart racing while fishing the warm summer months with sinking lines can see anglers mixing it with fast and feisty rainbows. Late evening bank fishing with traditional wet fly patterns is also productive and makes for simple and leisurely fishing.

By watching your sounder to locate fish and their depth you can then act on this information by using your down rigger to set you lures at the depth the are holding.

Lure casting is gaining popularity as the stocked Australian bass make their presents felt.

Casting surface lures, diving lures, spinnerbaits, metal blades and soft plastics from a boat in towards any of the plunging rocky banks is a good way to start your search


Lake WallaceLake Wallace

Located just off the great western highway near the town of Wallerawang between Lithgow and Bathurst. No powered boating is allowed on this dam. Available facilities include toilets, showers, BBQs’ and pergolas plus children’s play equipment and expansive playing fields. There is pub and cabin style accommodation available in Wallerawang. Lake Wallace is well known for its powerful rainbow trout and occasional trophy brown trout. And in recent times the successful stocking of Australian Bass.

A generally shallow dam with expansive weed beds the fish are well fed and have a reputation for be hard to catch.  Lure casting during the cooler months from the western shoreline offers angers perhaps the best chance of catching a rainbow trout, while summer fly fishing after dark can be equally rewarding for those with patients. Bait fishing is also well received by the local rainbow trout with Power bait nuggets once again being the favoured bait.

Recent liberations of bass have been met with good success. Anglers are now regularly reporting captures of these feisty fighters right around the dam. Most have been caught lure casting with small bladed lures or diving minnow style lures. It is anticipated that fishing with surface lures around the many weed beds during the warmer months to be a great way to target Lake Wallace’s bass.


Thompsons Creek DamThompsons Creek Dam

Drive 4km out of Wallerawang on Pipers Flat Rd, turn left opposite the Wallerawang cemetery, into Willow Vale lane. Thommo’s as it is widely known to anglers is classified as a trophy dam which allows anglers to use lure and fly fishing methods only on this dam. There is also a maximum bag limit of two fish only per angler. No boats or flotation devices are permitted at Thompsons Creek dam. It is a 20 minute walk from the car park to access the shoreline of this dam.

Rainbow and brown trout are regularly caught in this dam. Casting spoons and winged styled lures from the shore of this dam are very productive throughout the year. Being able to work these long casting lures throughout the water column should result in success.  The clear water at Thommo’s has made it very popular with fly anglers. Slowly walking the margins watching for fish to cast at, will quickly see the hours dissolve, very absorbing fishing indeed!

Late evening and the first couple of hours of darkness also is a great time to cast a fly during the warmer months. Good hatches of insects be it termites, midges or beetles often promotes a good evening rise of trout, with the mopping up continuing into the night.

Local Rivers

Cox’s River is an eastern flowing river that has a number of public access points.  The Cox’s river is known for its cool, clear flowing water with an abundance of small to middling sized rainbow trout in it.

Popular methods of angling are lure casting with small spinning or minnow style lures and fly fishing with small dry flies when the insect activity depicts and wet nymphs when searching is required.

The Fish River located out towards Tarana, O’Connell  and Oberon, this western flowing river has a good head of brown and rainbow trout. Public access points are limited but can be located by looking at local tourist maps of this mentioned area. It must be said that if in doubt of your access rights either permission must be sort from the property owner or maybe think about fishing one of the local still-water options instead.

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