Managing Your Event

Events form an important component of community life delivering social and economic gains. To ensure the smooth running and safety of an event, organisers must undertake careful planning and preparation.

This Information Pack is designed to assist in the planning of your event, activity, stall or function that will take place on Lithgow City Council land. It is important that right from the start of the planning process, your committee is aware of the need to manage and mitigate any risks undertaken in the conduct of your event. Whilst you should have public liability insurance, this should not in any way be seen as a waiver
of your responsibilities regarding the safety and security of your participants and suppliers.

It should be noted that this guide is only a starting point for event organisers. It is not a manual showing you how to organise an event – it outlines some of the issues you may need to address. A valuable resource for information regarding managing events can be found by going to the Events NSW website.

To help with the risk assessment process we have prepared general forms, fact sheets and explanations to make the process a bit more manageable. The process will seem cumbersome for the first few times you undertake it, however after a while you will recognise the benefits and become more comfortable with it. On pages 13-15 of this document there is an Event Application form; the form should be submitted to Council as soon as possible when you commence planning your event. You can also request a meeting with relevant Council staff to assist or advise you on what maybe required. 



Managing Your Event Guide

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