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Welcome to the Lithgow – Queen Elizabeth Park camp, which is located in the suburb of Lithgow, part of the Lithgow (City) Local Government Area. The camp is funded by Wentworth Healthcare and has been running since February 2020.

The Lithgow – Queen Elizabeth Park class is a free fitness camp open to all members of the public. There are the following activities on offer, Active X Training, Active Boxing, Active Yoga, and you can learn more about them below.

Sessions are available at 6:30 am and run Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday during school terms. For more details see the timetable below.

How to get started
To join this camp all you have to do is complete our registration form and book into as many classes as you like. All our classes are FREE and Registration takes about 10 mins. Click here to see more information and to register.

When: From Wednesday 5th, 6th and 7th February 6.30 am
Where: Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park

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