Best Dressed Photo Competition


Over 18 Best Overall Photo

1st – Zombie Bride

2nd – Alice in Zombieland

3rd – The Joker but make it Steampunk like


Over 18 Best Costume

1st – Sally, A nightmare before Christmas

2nd – Sea Wench Pirate of the Deep

3rd – No words within yet I feel complete


Over 18 Best Location

1st – Echoes of the past

2nd – Evil Queens still have fun

3rd – Dark Angel at Bracey Lookout


Under 18 Best Overall Photo

1st – Wednesday Adams and Thing

2nd – My Little Mad Hatter

3rd – Old Timey Pumpkin Head


Under 18 Best Costume

1st – Nun

2nd – Freak show Clown

3rd – Little Freddy Krueger


Under 18 Best Location

1st – Ghost face at Lithgow State Mine Gully,

2nd – Invisible Man waiting for the Train at Bowenfels station

3rd – Ghost face at Hassan’s Walls Sunset

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Title: Sea wench pirate from the deep
Author: Madeline Levick
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Description: This year I had a vision of doing a scary mermaid but then once I started I turned the look into a Pirates of the Carrabin inspired look. I spirit gummed barnacles and shells to my face first and went from there. I made the fish hook from wire and tin foil. The location of the photo is at the beautiful Lake Pillans Wetlands in Lithgow. Over the past five years we have been attending the Lithgow Halloween Festival and we just love it. Such a good experience for the kids and a fantastic event for the community bringing visitors to beautiful Lithgow. Having the Lithgow Halloween Digital keeps the celebration of Halloween alive and gives the community something to look forward too in these hard covid times. I know I have been looking forward to dressing up my family and being a part of this fantastic online event.