Best Dressed Photo Competition


Over 18 Best Overall Photo

1st – Zombie Bride

2nd – Alice in Zombieland

3rd – The Joker but make it Steampunk like


Over 18 Best Costume

1st – Sally, A nightmare before Christmas

2nd – Sea Wench Pirate of the Deep

3rd – No words within yet I feel complete


Over 18 Best Location

1st – Echoes of the past

2nd – Evil Queens still have fun

3rd – Dark Angel at Bracey Lookout


Under 18 Best Overall Photo

1st – Wednesday Adams and Thing

2nd – My Little Mad Hatter

3rd – Old Timey Pumpkin Head


Under 18 Best Costume

1st – Nun

2nd – Freak show Clown

3rd – Little Freddy Krueger


Under 18 Best Location

1st – Ghost face at Lithgow State Mine Gully,

2nd – Invisible Man waiting for the Train at Bowenfels station

3rd – Ghost face at Hassan’s Walls Sunset

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Title: Sally from 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'
Author: Kendelle Watts
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Description: Being lockdown, I couldn't visit my mum to use her sewing machine nor could I even get material in store! I wanted to do what I did best - makeup. Everything I'm 'wearing' is painted on with Facepaint! I did Sally from 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'. Lithgow Halloween was the first community event I attended since moving back out west, It helped me find some halloween-loving pals, being into spooky makeup, I don't get to show my stuff in real like (just instagram) so it's amazing to get people's reactions in real time!