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Filming in Lithgow

Lithgow forms one of the regional Councils making up Screen Central, the Central West’s Film and Television Unit.

Screen Central provides a one stop shop assisting the film industry by providing:

Industry support

By using Screen Central NSW you tap into the combined resources of 13 councils committed to assisting productions. Within each council area, key contacts understand the needs of filmmakers and provide intimate regional knowledge making productions as simple and easy as possible.

Location Diversity

Central NSW offers some of the most diverse locations in Australia. From rugged mountains and ranges to sweeping plains; from forests to agriculture of every description; history and heritage from humble pioneering buildings through to stately period homes and colonial streetscapes; heavy industry through to vast open cut and underground mining. The region is highly adaptable to any storyline.

Transport and Accommodation

A stone’s throw from Sydney the Central West provides excellent rail, road and air links throughout the region. A wide range of accommodation is also available including 6 stars through to budget.
4. Locations and Film & Television Directory
Potential locations from across the entire region can easily be viewed from the Screen Central website, making it easy to find the location required. A production resource incorporating key film and television personnel residing in the region can also be downloaded from the web.

Screen Central representatives can be contacted on Tel: (02) 6331 9246 or visit

Lithgow is located on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, a short 2-hour drive from

With tranquil vistas and serene landscapes the environment that surrounds the Lithgow valley is abundant in wildlife and picturesque mountains panoramas.

Located on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, Lithgow provides a vast array of landscapes and heritage buildings varying from rugged bushland to farming land, historic rail lines and rolling stock, colonial buildings and new residences.

Major films shot in the Lithgow area include Hollywood movie “Stealth”, Beneath the Clouds and the Coca-Cola Kid . Television advertisements include locations such as the Zig Zag Railway, Delta Power Station, surrounding bushland and escarpments and many local roads and homesteads.

The diversity of the Lithgow region and its close proximity to Sydney make Lithgow the ideal place for any production.

Lithgow City Council is supportive of the special use of Council resources by the film industry. Ensuring accountability to the ratepayers and residents of Lithgow, film permits are issued with assurances of maintaining community amenity. As such, film applications are required to be lodged for permission to film and photograph within the Lithgow City Council boundaries if the shoot involves:

  • The use of a public location
  • An impact upon the community in either a public or private location
  • Road closures
  • Environmental disruption
  • Traffic regulation or road closure
  • Lighting, including flood lights
  • Use of helicopters
  • Night shoots
  • Noise
  • Pollution risks
  • Construction of a temporary structure
  • Stunts
  • Pyrotechnics, including the lighting of fires

Permits are not required in the case of minor films eg news and current affair programs, recording of private functions.


Applications for filming

Applications for filming in the Lithgow area are to be forwarded to the Tourism Manager at Lithgow City Council and include the Film Shoot Application, a copy of public liability to
a minimum level of $20 million and any other designated information.

Film Shoot Application

Filming Approvals

Lithgow City Council has delegated authority to approve film and photographic applications on Council owned and managed resources, including local roads, attractions, recreation areas, Council buildings and amenities. Approvals for use of land governed by other agencies eg RMS, National Parks & Wildlife Service, Forests NSW and Rail Infrastructure, is on the onus of the applicant.

Approvals for film permits will be issued within seven days of lodgement of a film application (Approval timeframes may be delayed in the case of road closures). Approvals will also be forwarded to the Lithgow Police, Ambulance and RMS for information. Breaches of film approvals will result in the cancellation of approvals and the refusal of any further applications.


Residents within the location likely to be impacted by the filming are to be notified via the Lithgow City Council press release with the local media. A contact person is to be nominated as the contact for complaints.

In the event of a major disruption a letterbox drop is to be co-ordinated advising residents in the vicinity that filming is to be undertaken, particularly if access or egress to properties is affected. Notification issues will be addressed as part of the consent for filming permits.

Resolution of Disputes

In the instance of dispute of a film approval, a mediation process will be arranged between the parties by the Screen NSW.

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