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Events play a vital role in tourism for regional towns and Lithgow hosts a number of key events throughout the calendar year:


Date: May 8, 2021

LithGlow 2021 will be a free ticketed COVID-19 safe event with a limit of 3,000 people.

There will be the largest pyrotechnic display ever seen in Lithgow brought to you by Energy Australia. The display will feature a dazzling barrage of shooting stars high over Lithgow Blast Furnace and Lake Pillans culminating with a perfectly choreographed multi-coloured finale. The spectacular fireworks display will reflect the power and energy of Lithgow’s Blast Furnace that roared like a fiery dragon from May 1907 until 1928.

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Ironfest is a cool arts festival with a metal edge, featuring art exhibitions, stalls, live music, street performance, blacksmith demonstrations, historical re-enactments, including Medieval jousting & Gran Melee, Napoleonic-era battle re-enactments & C20th battle re-enactment; circus shows, Cosplay & Steampunk; Workshops, automotive displays, educational, historical and technological displays and lots, lots more!


At the end of October, ghouls, vampires and skeletons roam the streets of Lithgow for Halloween as the town celebrates the event with market stalls selling an amazing selection of giftware and food, plus street performers, parades, live entertainment and amusement rides.

Events play a vital role in tourism for regional towns and bring a broad range of economic benefits while drawing participants and spectators to the event.

Lithgow City Council has developed an Event Attraction Package to encourage events to the region.

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Safety First!

To ensure the smooth running and safety of an event, organisers must undertake careful planning and preparation.

To that end, Lithgow ity Council has issued an Information Pack, designed to assist in the planning of your event, activity, stall or function that will take place on Lithgow City Council land.

It is important that right from the start of the planning process, your committee is aware of the need to manage and mitigate any risks undertaken in the conduct of your event. Whilst you should have public liability insurance, this should not in any way be seen as a waiver of your responsibilities regarding the safety and security of your participants and suppliers.
Managing your event PDF

It should be noted that this guide is only a starting point for event organisers. A valuable resource for more information regarding managing events can be found by going to the Events NSW website by clicking here.

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