4WD tracks

Road conditions on 4WD tracks vary. It is advised that topographical maps or GPS systems are required before accessing any tracks. Mobile reception varies throughout the listed tracks and is often unavailable. Please ensure that you watch for native wildlife. Remember take only photographs and leave only footprints.

Baal Bone Gap

Travelling through Gardens of Stone National Park, this track leads to a magnificent view of the Capertee Valley and Pearson’s Lookout. Follow the dirt road from Ben Bullen through to Baal Bone Gap. Cars will be required to have clearance, with the track suitable only for 4WD. (Topographic Maps – Cullen Bullen and Ben Bullen)


Long Swamp

Located in the Ben Bullen State Forest , roads leading off from Long Swamp lead up to some magnificent viewing areas of the World Heritage listed surrounding National Park. Road conditions vary and cars will be required to have ground clearance. (Topographic Map – Cullen Bullen)

Mt Walker

Located near Rydal, at the back of Lake Lyell , tracks down to the river provide the opportunity to navigate on a variety of 4WD access roads. Tracks include water crossings and rugged hills. Road conditions vary and cars will be required to have ground clearance.

Sunny Corner

Explore the State Forest surrounding the historical township of Sunny Corner. Hundreds of trails in the forest test 4wd skills. A worthwhile trek runs from Sunny Corner through to the Turon River. (Topographic Maps – Capertee & Portland )


Glen Davis/Capertee Valley

The world’s second largest canyon is best accessed from Capertee. The road into the valley is surrounded by the magnificent sandstone escarpment and leads down to the Glen Davis Ruins. Tours of the ruins are available every Saturday at 2.00pm . The road is accessible by 2WD cars and is an easy trip. (Topographic Map – Ben Bullen)

Lost City

The Lost City features magnificent pagoda rock formations, sandstone that has been eroded by wind and rain over millions of years. From Bungleboori Camp Ground, follow the single winding track down on the left. A walk is required to access the rock formations. Additional 4WD tracks can be accessed along the power lines.


Newnes Plateau

The Newnes Plateau provides ample opportunity to explore hundreds of kilometres of dirt roads. Locations include the Lost City, Glow Worm Tunnel, Blackfellows Hands and Sunnyside Ridge. (Topographic Maps – Lithgow, Cullen Bullen, Rock Hill & Wollangambe)

Sunnyside Ridge

Accessed from the Blackfellows Hands Trail, Sunny Side Ridge travels down to the escarpment of sheer cliffs. Road conditions vary and cars will be required to have ground clearance. (Topographic Maps – Cullen Bullen & Lithgow)

Glow Worm Tunnel

Accessed by Glow Worm Tunnel Road , the road travels through Wollemi National Park and to the walking track to the Glow Worm Tunnel. The road is accessible by 2wd and is an easy trip.

Maiyingu Marragu (Blackfellows Hands)

Starting at the Zig Zag Railway, head towards the Newnes Plateau to Bungleboori Camp Ground. Follow the Blackfellows Hands Road . Surrounded by native bushland, the track leads to Blackfellows Hands Art Site. 4WD ground clearance is required to drive this track. (Topographic Map – Cullen Bullen)

Newnes Valley

The trip into Wolgan is surrounded by the rugged cliff lines of Wollemi National Park . The road finishes with a creek crossing to access the Newnes Ruins.

Turon River

Following tracks from the Capertee area, roads lead down to the Turon River. Creek crossings are required. Road conditions vary and cars will be required to have ground clearance. (Topographic Map – Capertee)

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