Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon

The 2019 GWTM Ted English Bolt

The Ted English Bolt is a 6km Fun Run through the ruins of the old Newnes Industrial area. Stretch the legs, get to know your surrounds.

This run crosses the Wolgan River at the Causeway and heads toward the old Industrial Ruins. Along the way runners pass the old railway platform and the old Newnes Cricket ground. A quick tour past the old ovens and through the old ruined buildings and return to the event hub for a fast finish along the flat.

Distance: 6km
Elevation: a few small hills – mostly flat. Definitely fun.

The terrain is exciting, and scenic and you may find it hard to keep the smile from your face. The township of Newnes is now just the old Newnes hotel and some holiday cabins at the end of the Wolgan Valley in the serene shadows of Mystery Mountain.

With a marathon event, two half marathon events, a 6km event and the Mountain Dash, there is something for everyone!


Newnes Wolgan Valley Road

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