Glen Davis Ruins Tour


The Glen Davis Shale Oil Works, located in the Capertee Valley, was one of the largest employers in the area. Producing gasoline, the operation was an important strategic resource during the war era. In its heyday about 2,500 people lived in the township. Vertical sandstone cliffs stand guard over the crumbling vegetation covered structures lending a surreal impression.

Today, the ruins of this once thriving industry can be toured every Saturday at 2pm.

'The Poplars' Canobla Road, Glen Davis NSW 2846

Phone: (02) 6379 7380


Tours run every Saturday at 2pm. There will be no tours if it is over 38 degrees.

The tour costs $15 pp & $8 for children under 12yrs. It takes approx 2 hours and as it is a walking tour, suitable footwear. Dress for the weather and bring some water. 

It is always good to prebook in case the tour has to be unexpectedly cancelled. 


Changes to Tour Schedule commencing December 2018

We are planning to change the 2pm tours to a sunset tour at the end of this year:

as of December 1 2018.

Summertime (Dec, Jan, Feb) tours will be from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

We are hoping this will solve the heat issue and will also be more memorable and enjoyable for our guests. Please spread the word about the time change.

Glen Davis Ruins

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