Talisman Gallery

Incorporating semi-precious gems and opals, renowned Talisman Gallery metal artist Ron Fitzpatrick blurs the line between jewellery and sculpture by upscaling jewellery designs in a new Adorn range of forged iron sculptural pieces.

To adorn means “to decorate or add beauty to, as by ornaments,” each piece is an embellishment for the house or environment in the way that small-scale jewellery is for the body.

Each is a unique example of Ron’s experimentation with gemstones such as labradorite, moonstone, tiger’s eye and opal.

Their shapes reveal the feminine balance of fine jewellery design with the masculine of metal and scale — “the balance we’re all looking at in ourselves.”

The Adorn range also shows Ron’s mastery of new skills like splitting metal to make fine features such as strands of hair, features or claws.

Adorn will be held in the historic Corney’s Garage below Talisman Gallery throughout the November 30-December 1 weekend, with an official opening at 2pm on the Saturday

Talisman Gallery

Hartley Historic Village, Great Western Highway, Hartley
Phone: 0407 723 722


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